Lighting Design

With over 40 years experience in the lighting industry T & E Howie offer a Consultation Service. We provide our clients with best practice lighting design solutions which are energy efficient and money saving.

T & E Howie Lighting Design can save you money off your electricity bills in the long term by following our expert lighting plans and using our recommended products.

*Please note - there is a fee for our Consultation Service, we can discuss this in confidence, upon contact with you.

Booking a Consultation

If you would like to book a consulation with
T & E Howie Lighting Design please fill out
the form and 'submit' your details, we will
contact you back shortly.

Concept Lighting Scheme

◙ Sketch layout to show indicative placement of lighting.
◙ Sketch design in the form of marked up photos, sketches, marked up plans/elevations.
◙ Suggested lighting types.
◙ Suggested type of product with costs. o Budget cost.


Detail Lighting Scheme

◙ Light level calculations (if necessary).
◙ Basic fitting Information.
◙ Lighting layout drawing.
◙ Control Information and suggestions.
◙ Details of electrical loading.


Lighting Design for Tender

◙ Final lighting layouts including control circuits wire diagrams.
◙ Final specifications for light fittings, lamps and control.
◙ Documentation, to be included in the tender package, will be drawn up including standards of workmanship and preambles.

Construction snag list

◙ A review of the manufacturers shop drawings of lighting equipment.
◙ Site visits (as required) to ensure site progress.
◙ Site queries answered.
◙ Focusing of fittings will be carried out alongside the electrical contractor.

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